Enermax TwisterOdiO 16 Notebook Cooler Review

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2014-01-08

Enermax, one of the pioneers in power supplies, has gone through some changes over the years. Alike Corsair the lineup has extremely diversified, starting with the addition of enclosures. Later on to be followed HDD enclosures, peripherals, moving on to processor air/water cooling and even notebook coolers have been added to the lineup. The TwisterOdiO 16 is a notebook cooler, nevertheless don't just consider the TwisterOdiO 16 as a basic cooling device, it has another build-in-extra up the sleeves. The included Dreambass technology and build-in speakers should be able to lift your notebook sound experience to a new level. Time to put the TwisterOdiO 16 for a spin and see what it can bring us in cooling as in the sound department.

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Test Setup and Methodology

To test the cooling performance of the Enermax TwisterOdiO 16 we gave it a spin with a MSI GT70 gaming notebook. The MSI GT70 is already equipped with a pretty beefy cooling solution, made out of two heat pipes. One designated for the i7 3610QM CPU and one for the nVIDIA GTX670M graphics card. Even though the GT70 is a 17 inch model laptop, we didn't encounter any issues with the TwisterOdiO 16.

We tested the TwisterOdiO 16 in a few different scenarios:

  • The GT70 in its original state
  • The TwisterOdiO with the fan speed at the lowest Fan setting
  • The TwisterOdiO with the fan speed at the highest Fan setting




We opted to use Futuremark's 3DMark Vantage as it's pretty strenuous on both the processor as the graphics card. Each test setting completed 3 loops of the complete Vantage suite. Realtemp and GPU-Z were used as monitoring and temperature logging tools. The measured ambient temperatures in the [M] lab are around 20°C. Idle temps were measured after the first boot, then the CPU and GPU temperatures were monitored during 10 mins of idling. The load temps in the charts are the average results of the stress tests.

Here is a snapshots of one of our many temperature test screens:



For the sound test we opted to step away from the MSI GT70 as it already features an enhanced audio system. The ASUS AX75 laptop was used as guinea pig, to see how well the TwisterOdiO 16 could improve the sound experience.

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