Aerocool GT-S White Full Tower Computer Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2014-02-07

Today we review the Aerocool GT-S Full tower case, which exists in two flavors.  The model we received from the eTONIX crew is the white and blue model, however there is also a black and red themed version available. Taiwanese Aerocool Advanced Technology (AAT) was founded way back in 2001 and has settled as one of the leading names in the Do It Yourself Market. The GT-S case was designed for these DIY enthusiasts and also targeting heavy duty gamers, allowing maximum hardware compatibility, ease of installation and great out of the box cooling. Without further ado lets put Aerocool's latest sibling to the test.

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We like to thank eTONIX for sending us the Aerocool GT-S White Edtion case. Since this is a full tower case the box dimensions are humungous. The box art is great, a nice step away from the dull brown cardboard boxes. Nevertheless it's what is inside that matters.





The white/blue theme directly appears once we remove the windowed side panel. While this color match is not one of my favorites I can imagine some might actually digg it. A white and black might be more appealing to the European market, however this all is personal taste. A full tower case has got room to spare, allowing to easily build in tons of storage, any large oversized XL-ATX motherboard will perfectly blend in and the possibility to add more graphics cards your power supply can handle. How about being able to store up to 7 3.5" HDD and up to 5 optical drive bays ?





Via the backside of the blue motherboard panel we can clearly spot the big processor and the numerous cable routing cutouts. Sadly the Aerocool engineers centralized the 8 pin CPU routing cable hole, making it impossible with our hardware setup to reach the motherboard plug without using an extension cable.




A bit cutout is positioned just above the power supply to route USB/firewire and HD audio cables. Cable management in a full tower case is a breeze, though the rubber inserts drop out far too easily. In the rear, 4 holes are provided for an external watercooling setup. Shouldn't a modern full tower case be able to house it on inside ?



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