BitFenix Ronin Midi-Tower Computer Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2013-12-30

A warrior with no master. A case with no equal. Ronin combines a dark, stealthy design with enhanced hardware compatibility for a chassis built for vengeance, a small extract of what BitFenix has to say about today's reviewed Ronin mid tower case. Very aggressive PR material, but that's the way we got used too. Strong and bold claims, however the case has to live up to the hype created around it. Let us pop the box and discover what the Ronin is really made of...

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A Closer Look Part II

Cooling wise is the most shocking part of this Robin case. While most vendors opt for larger than life Fans in 140-200mm dimensions, the BitFenix Ronin case has to do with two 120mm slow spinning Fans. One Fan in the front and one in the rear to expel the heat. In the front the end user has the option to mount a second 120mm Fan. The thermal testing has to point out whether or not these are effective enough.




The front Fan is equipped with a dust filter, again a weird design choice as it's screwed onto the Fan, thus removal requires screwdriver intervention. This is far from 2013 and feels like a design dating ages back in time...





The BitFenix Ronin is ready to house 240mm radiators; we are referring to AIO units as thick water-cooling radiators might interfere with the motherboard's heat sinks, due to a lack of clearance. Power supplies up to 160mm can be mounted, resting on four small rubber dampers to reduce vibrations. The bottom dust filter, in contradiction with the other dust filters is more up to today's standards. Utilizing magnets for a secure fix. One can spot the bottom optional 120mm fan mount.





The front and top panel in their own glory. The top panel houses the I/O front panel, providing two USB2.0 and two USB3.0 ports, the Power and reset buttons/LEDs and the IN/OUT audio jacks.



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