BitFenix Ronin Midi-Tower Computer Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2013-12-30

A warrior with no master. A case with no equal. Ronin combines a dark, stealthy design with enhanced hardware compatibility for a chassis built for vengeance, a small extract of what BitFenix has to say about today's reviewed Ronin mid tower case. Very aggressive PR material, but that's the way we got used too. Strong and bold claims, however the case has to live up to the hype created around it. Let us pop the box and discover what the Ronin is really made of...

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A Closer Look Part I

The top cut-out to route the 8pins connector requires some fiddling, again a slightly larger hole would make most builder's lives way easier.



The three optical devices are firmly secured via a clipping mechanism, though they can drop out of their position once you use some force to unlock them.




The top HDD cage houses, similar as the bottom one, up to three HDD or SSD. Removal is easy, after unscrewing the whole unit just slides out.




The trays are similar to the Cooler Master ones of the 690 III enclosures. Biggest difference is that the SSD needs to be secured via screws, while the HDD is sandwiched. Similar to the locking mechanism, the execution feels a bit flimsy and feels fragile.






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