SuperTalent Pico 32GB USB 3.0 Thumbdrive Review

Storage/Other by jmke @ 2013-11-15

SuperTalent launched their first Pico drive in 2008, now they are back with the same compact design, but much larger and promising higher speeds thanks to USB 3.0 interface. Let us put it to test.

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Today we have a new product review from Super Talent, they send us their famous Pico drive, but now with USB 3.0 power! Let us take a closer look to see how it performs.


Super Talent USB 3.0 Pico Flash Drive


It looks very similar to the model we tested in 2008, but now comes with a few details that give away its USB 3.0 capabilities.

The Pico comes with a detachable cable cord, for easy attachment to your key-ring without having your key-ring attached to the computer when in use.
It's definitely smaller than most of the competition, pictured on the right is the Pico and a Lacie Key-Shaped USB Stick.


On the left side you can see the Pico next to a Core 2 Duo S775 CPU, on the right you can see the small Blue detail on the Pico to give a hint of its USB 3.0 capability.



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