BIOSTAR NM70I-1037U Motherboard Review

Motherboards/IntegratedCPU by stefan @ 2013-11-20

The BIOSTAR NM70I-1037U board features an improved CPU, Ivy Bridge Celeron 1037, which is powerful enough to perform many tasks. In order to boost the 3D capabilities even further, we can install a dedicated video card into the available PCI-Express x16 port so we would be even able to game with low to mainstream graphics levels.


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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Integrated HDMI with HDCP


Onboard HDMI connector allows full video & audio support via standard DVI output. It has industry-leading high definition video quality.


PCI Express 2.0 Support


PCI Express 2.0 bus architecture offers a future-proofing bridge to tomorrow’s most bandwidth-driven games and 3D applications by maximizing 5 GT/s of bandwidth. PCI Express 2.0 motherboards are fully backwards compatible with existing PCI Express products for broad support of PC peripherals.


SATA 6Gb/s


High Efficiency of Data transfer rate

SATAIII 6Gbps provides a higher bandwidth to retrieve and transfer HD media. With this super speed data transfer, SATAIII allows an incredible data boost which is 2x faster than the SATA 3G.


Charger Booster

Charger booster is the best and efficient charger solution for apple devices such as iPad, iPhone. Basically, Charger booster Technology is able to boost the charging time to be more efficiency and faster once any apple goods connecting to our Motherboard. With charger booster technology, you are able to charge your apple devices up to 42 % faster.


X.D.C (eXtreme Durable Capacitors)

Biostar adopts low ESR and high ripple conductive solid state caps that provide sufficient, stable power supply to the CPU. The life span can also be more than 6.25 x of ordinary liquid caps.


BIO-Remote 2

BIO-Remote2 Technology is featuring users a better Home Theater environment. Users who own either Android mobile or Apple goods are able to access and control your PC remotely; At this moment, you’re smart device became an intelligent and functional remote controller; more than that, BIO-Remote2 also includes both function of mouse pad and power point presentation mode.


Product Specifications:




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Comment from Ibrihim @ 2013/12/17
Bought one after reading the review. Added a Kingston cheap SSD , a 4gb mem (1333) and an FSP 300w itx power supply. Screwed it all onto a piece of plywood as I'm still looking for a case. I cannot hear the system even under load! Congrats to FSP. The Cpu gets 1714 on passmark so should handle a good medium graphics card. 3d06 gave me 2710- Cpu 1900 s/m2 861 and h/dsm3 1135.
As the little power supply claims 20amps on 2 rails I bought a GTX460 768mb on ebay. So now 3d06 gave me 11145 - cpu 1920 s/m2 4977 and hd sm3 6652. So I don't think the cpu is a bottleneck. Shame about the video card noise.
Temps on cpuid h/w monitor (running in the background) cpu-min 34 and max55. but its not in a case. Very pleased , overall conclusion is a lot of fun in a biscuit tin.
Comment from Stefan Mileschin @ 2013/12/18
Glad you like it. I also enjoy small mobos with CPUs soldered to them too.