Cooler Master NotePal XL Laptop Cooler Review

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by stefan @ 2013-10-21

One of the most recent laptop coolers/pads is the NotePal XL which features a redesign compared to the NotePal A200 we have taken a look over previously, is equipped with a larger 230mm fan and for connecting low power devices we have the option of using the integrated 3-port USB fan which is more convenient placed than before.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

In this article we will look upon another laptop cooler from Cooler Master which was recently launched, the Notepal XL. This one is shipped in a cardboard box with a larger footprint than the product itself and on the top side we will find a photo of the fan in operation:




The back side of the box contains some detailed shots of the cooler, along with the technical specifications:




Let’s open up the box to check out the inside contents; the product is held fixed with one cardboard piece at each side and on top of it we will find the documentation:




The small leaflet gives us more details regarding the laptop cooler:




The supplied USB 2.0 cable will power up the embedded fan, but will also provide functionality to the USB hub:




While the previous Notepal A200 cooler had dual fans, the Notepal XL comes with a single 230mm which is more silent and has a rotational speed between 600 and 1000RPM. The top side of the cooler is covered by a black metallic mesh which holds the Cooler Master logo in the middle:




The frontal ventilation area is meant to bring a smooth cool breeze to our hands:




The laterals of the cooler sport a futuristic design and are ideal when transporting the laptop from one place to another:




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