CORSAIR Obsidian 750D Computer Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2013-10-03

CORSAIR has established grounds in the enclosure market. At start only with the high end versions  in the form of the Obsidian and Graphite cases. Later on targeting another segment of the market, with the more affordable cases, under the Carbide brand name. The Obsidian series are straight competition for big names as Lian-Li, sporting high build quality, offering maximum hardware compatibility and they are multi GPU ready, plus the possible liquid-cooling options are a big bonus. The mixture of steel and brushed aluminum,  enhances  the rigidity and adds that little extra touch of elegance to the CORSAIR Obsidian enclosures. The brand new 750D model is a full blown tower case and looks at first glance like a trim-down version of the 900D flagship. Nevertheless what is most exciting is, that this case is retailing at the price of a high end Mid-Tower chassis. Time to take a closer look at the CORSAIR 750D Obsidian case.

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A Closer Look Part I

We continue with the storage concept. Usually most vendors either allow the end user to mount the SSDs in the HDD drive trays or mount them on the backside of the motherboard tray. Especially the latter solution is more of a look we got this SSD thingy covered. The 750D OBSIDIAN is far more flexible and versatile then the previously mentioned solutions.





Near the right hand side panel we spot four quick removable plastic trays. These allow easy install of the Solid State Drive without the requirement of a screwdriver. Plus the tray clips in on the case's structure for a secure fix.


Cooling wise the 750D has got a solid offering out of the box. Three big 140mm fans, baptized as AF140L (maybe the L stands for Light) are strip downed versions of the Air Fan series. No special rubber grommets or interchangeable colored insert, just a basic fan case design with the proven Fan Blade Technology from the Air series. One fan takes care of the exhaust, while the two 140L front fans assure good airflow over the hardware components.




The same fans are being utilized on the Carbide 540 Air case. While not being the most quiet versions, they shift some serious air. For the purists, the 750D leaves the option open to install an extra 5 fans ( 3 top and 2 in the bottom ) The case supports large 360mm radiators for the water-cooling enthusiasts in the top. This by sacrificing two optical drive bays. Plus the 750D is ready to house up to two 240 rads, one in the front and one in the bottom of the case ( removal of the two HDD cages is a requirement ).

Who thinks of fans thinks of dust filters and the 750D case has got you covered. Alike the Carbide 540 Air, the OBSIDIAN 750D has a easy removable magnetic dust filter. This time however on the top part in stead off in the front.





The front part has got a front brushed aluminum bezel, which can be popped off by pressing the two upper sides. This gives easy acces to the front dust filter and the two front 140mm fans.




The power supply is also protected against the dust by a slideable filter version. In contradiction with some other enclosures,  this dust filter version securely locks into position.




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