OCZ Vertex 450 256GB SATA III 2.5'' SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2013-10-03

The Vertex 450 SSD was built with an optimal price/performance ratio in mind and features a derivative of the Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller (M10), with a lower clock speed and an optimized clock generator; the 450 also features 20nm process NAND flash which is purchased and packaged by OCZ itself in order to bring the prices further down.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

OCZ fights continuously in order to establish itself a very good position on the market, by designing a lot of SSD models which cover a lot of price ranges. The company also comes with its own built SSD controller, which gives it extra flexibility compared to the time when it was buying processors from other corporations. In order to decrease the costs even further, OCZ have also began to purchase NAND wafers and started packaging NAND by itself.


The Vertex 450 SSD is shipped inside a fully sealed cardboard packaging, as we have been used in the past:




Here we will get to see a photo of the actual product, along with some of the main product highlights:




On the opposite side we have a more in-depth product description, in different languages:




Besides the usual manual which was present with the other series too, we will get an Acronis software cloning free license, which should be considered as a big plus. The software from Acronis is quite good and we have used it for cloning SSDs and HDDs without issues so far:




Besides the SSD inside the protective foam mold, we will also get a handy desktop adapter and screws:




The product is further wrapped inside an anti-static bag:




OCZ have their SSD casings built from aluminum, which sometimes acts as a heatsink for the processor:





In the back we have the regular SATA Data/Power connectors:




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