ASUS ROG Maximus VI Formula Motherboard Review

Motherboards/Intel S1150 by leeghoofd @ 2013-11-04

ASUS delayed the release of the Maximus VI Formula till after Computex 2013. We got a glimpse of the board at the ASUS booth and it looked at first glance like a TUF/ROG hybrid. The ROG series are renown as high end motherboards, stunning looks and high performance; however not engineered solely for gamers, but the enthusiast and extreme overclockers get their sweets too. Usually the ROG series had 3 members: the mATX Gene, the midrange Formula and the flagship, the Extreme board. With the Z87 series, ASUS throws an entry level priced ROG in the mix with the Maximus VI Hero board and even a mITX board, the Impact. The Hero is comparable as being the vanilla board of the Republic of Gamers line up. The small mATX Gene VI gives those with small cases the option to install a top class motherboard; the Formula for those that seek a full ATX board packed with features, yet still at an affordable price level. The flagship Extreme board is the most expensive and targeted at those that want either the best of the best or the ultimate board that can push the envelope, no matter the cooling method used.

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ASUS has added another great board to their Z87 Republic of Gamers lineup. This time not limiting themselves to the regular three boards being the mATX Gene, the Formula and the Extreme version. The addition of the mITX Maximus VI Impact and the affordable Hero board were applauded in the gamer community.

The Maximus VI Formula board is the ultimate mix for either the high demanding gamer or case modder. Being an ideal platform to serve as a foundation for that ultimate high end gaming setup. While some may think the addition of the ROG Armor vest is pure overkill, others will adore it for the looks and rigid feel. The enhanced Supreme FX audio will fulfill the needs for most gamers, The Storage connectivity with a whopping total of 10 SATA 6GB/s ports and the USB peripheral support is second to none. The bundled software is also up to the highest standards. This ASUS Z87 MAXIMUS VI Formula board is so packed with features that it appeals to a very wide segment of buyers.



Secondly it's a rock stable benching platform, with well chosen components  seem to build to last; that it performs up to typical ASUS level is without a doubt. Just the BIOS could make even the most die hard overclocker scratch their head, just trying to figure out which setting, does exactly what. More is not always better... ASUS has always been one of the most flexible bios versions for RAM tuning or quick dial in of a stable high frequency OC. The BIOS options are far too numerous and too time consuming to properly dial in especially for a first time user.

The ASUS Maximus VI Formula is a great, feature packed board that will easily satisfy the needs of the most demaning user out there. ASUS didn't take any chances and truly loaded the Formula board with a massive amount of features. Thus leaving close to no option open, this board is 200% ready to fullfill the needs of the most demanding gamers, watercooling purists and die-hard overclockers.




  • Ultimate mix of a gaming and Extreme OCer board
  • High efficiency out of the box
  • High end hardware components
  • Included Software bundle




  • Far too complex bios
  • Annoying 00/55 bug




We wish to thank Sven from ASUS for the Z87 Maximus VI Formula sample

Harry and Rick from CORSAIR for the Vengeance 2400C10 RAM kit


The TONES crew for the years of support




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