ECS GANK Z87H3-AX GOLDEN Motherboard Review

Motherboards/Intel S1150 by stefan @ 2013-09-16

Hardware-wise, the latest Z87H3-AX GOLDEN board from ECS is quite solid, incorporating a 12-phase VRM and high quality LAN and audio interfaces: the dual BigFoot Killer E2201 GbE controllers along with the Creative Sound Core 3D DSP. The UEFI comes with two sections, EZ BIOS and the Advanced area where we can also set the performance parameters.

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Main Product Features

Intel Thunderbolt Tech Support


Thunderbolt technology dramatically increases the data transfer rate enabling faster backup, editing and file sharing, significantly reducing the time to complete key tasks. Users can add high-performance features to their PC over a cable, daisy chaining one after another, up to a total of 6 devices, including up to 2 high-resolution DisplayPort v1.1a displays.


Key Features

- 10Gbps bi-directional, dual channel data transfer

- Data & Video on single cable with Dual-protocol (PCI Express and DisplayPort)- Daisy chain up to six devices

- Compatible with existing DisplayPort devices

- Low latency with highly accurate time synchronization

- Uses native PCIe and DisplayPort protocol software drivers

- Power over cable for bus-powered devices (electrical cables only)


Ultimate Cooling Solution - QOOLTECH V - ECS’S exclusive QOOLTECH V technology is the choice of winning gamers.


1. Thermochromatic

Thermo chromic technology allows the heatsink to visually show various surface temperature levels allowing users to quickly distinguish between normal and abnormal temperatures and when a motherboard is safe to touch and handle.

2. Active Fansink

ECS’s exclusive optimized active fansink design greatly increases hot air exhaustion as well as overall airflow over the super-heated chipset.

3. U-Shaped Heatpipe

ECS’s U-Shape heatpipe design and Direct heatpipes increases dissipation by a substantial 20% over the competition and simultaneously cools both the chipset and MOSFET.


4K Video Output


Intel Core HD Graphics with 4k display for premium gaming experience with 2.6x graphics improvements.




Audio Cap

Next-level audio experience with SBX Pro Studio, CrystalVoice and EAX Technology all in one audio cap.


EMI Blocking

ECS's Audio Defender design can effectively block EMI interference that often plagues onboard audio.


Digital Signal Processing(DSP)

Creative Labs' 1st integrated audio DSP with integrated codec allows for CPU independent real time media processing of sound and images.


Durathon Technology - Motherboard quality you can trust.


When it comes to the quality and durability of your motherboard, ECS goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure that you have a motherboard that will last long and always continue to outperform the competition. Trust only motherboards built with Durathon Technology. Click " Durathon microsite" for more details.


Extreme Power Module - ECS’S exclusive component design provides the ultimate cooling and efficiency


1) Ice Chokes

1.5X greater stability offering 50? wider temperature range and reduing heat by 13% more than standard ferrite chokes, even under full loading operations.

2) Dual Cooling MOS

ECS’s exclusive new Dual Cooling MOSFETS design allows for extreme heat dissipation with the added benefits of 90% high efficiency power conversion, low impedance and low EMI.

3) Gold Caps

Golden Solid Caps Offer up to 6X longer lifespan than standard electrolytic capacitors. They also offer better heat resistance with up to 200K hours (22 Years) of operation under 65?C.




ECS's exclusive new Dual Cooling MOSFETS design allows for extreme heat dissipation with the added benefits of 90% high efficiency power conversion, low impedance and low EMI.


Supports teaming function with failover and load balancing


The dual Gigabit LAN with Teaming allows 2 single connections to act as 1 single connection for double bandwidth. In addition, it prevents network downtime by transferring the workload from a failed port to a working port and balances the network traffic load evenly between 2 CPU cores in order to improve performance.


Motherboard Intelligent BIOS X (M.I.B X - Ultimate BIOS O.C interface)


Providing the most intelligent and convenient way to adjust the clock/ voltage settings of CPU and memory and get the extra performance in advanced.

ECS O.C profile offers 3 sets of O.C values for CPU and DRAM to reach higher performances in a quick, simple and safe way. It keeps users’ preferable BIOS settings to regain your last successful O.C configuration to create the most convenient O.C experience.


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