Silicon Power S55 Slim SATA III 240GB SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2013-09-11

Silicon Power has recently launched a mainstream SSD with decent transfer speeds and a lower 7mm height in order to increase the compatibility and include ultrabooks and other slim devices to the list. Besides the 16 NAND Flash chips, the SSD also features a 72-bit processor from Phison, the PS3108-S8-1 and also 512MB of DDR3 RAM for caching purposes.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


- 7mm slim design suitable for Ultrabooks and Ultra-slim notebooks

- SATA III 6Gbps backwards compatible with SATA II 3Gbps

- ATTO high transfer rate: Read speed: 550 MB/s max; Write speed: 500 MB/s max

-CrystalDiskMark 5cycle/1000MB high transfer rate: Read speed: 510 MB/s max; Write speed: 460 MB/s max

-AS SSD high transfer rate: Read speed: 500 MB/s max; Write speed: 470 MB/s

- Smartest Choice for System Upgrade

- Supports TRIM command and Garbage Collection technology

- NCQ and RAID ready

- Implemented with ECC technology to guarantee data transmission reliability

- Built-in with SMART monitoring system

- Low power consumption

- Shockproof & Anti-Vibration

- Noiseless operation, no latency delay and no seek error

- 3 year warranty


Product Specifications:


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