Gigabyte Extreme Overclocking Competition 2013 at Heilbronn

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2013-08-19

August 16th, location Heilbronn Germany, the venue to host the German Gigabyte Extreme Overclocking Competition at the Cube Box. Main organiser Roman Hartung aka Der8auer got Gigabyte, Kingston Memory, Gelid and LEPA onboard, to host the clash between Germany's finest overclocking teams. The present teams were Awardfabrik, Freeocen, Hardwareluxx, PC Games Hardware, Team Hardware Reaktor Reloaded and special guests Team Ocaholic. Last year Madshrimps's Team captain Massman was present as judge, this year Leeghoofd replaced his royal OC holyness Pieter-Jan Plaisier. Time to jump in the car and head over to Heilbronn...

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Prepping time

Welcome word and briefing by the star of the day Roman Hartung. Then the teams were asked to pick a number between one and six, for the hardware diffusal.





All of the teams started directly insulating the motherboard. German overclockers usually either opted for the vaseline or liquid taping of the motherboard. Afterwards a lot of tissue paper and a carefully cut out armaflex to top it all off.  The Gelid thermal paste was also provided by the organisation.







That installing a CPU pot is not easy was nicely displayed by the PC Games Hardware team. Mounting the top plate at the back of the motherboard and being puzzled why Der8auer forgot to drill a hole lol...






Only after everybody was ready with their insulation, were the teams allowed to start filling up their flasks. No advantages allowed...


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