ROCCAT Kone Pure Color Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2013-07-29

The latest anniversary Kone Pure Color mice from ROCCAT can be picked up in different flavors, feature a high performance laser sensor and can be controlled by powerful customization software. The EasyShift[+] function allows us to double the button functions and the ROCCAT logo LEDs can be set with the color of our choice.

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At first we would like to thank ROCCAT for making the review of the Kone Pure Color Gaming Mouse possible.


"ROCCAT™ is the snow storm to the gaming industry. Everything called gaming before needs to be redefined. You will enter a world in which three attributes will keep you on the right path: alliance, independence and truth.DO IT YOUR OWN WAY AND DON'T TALK SHIT" – this is the statement ROCCAT follows.

The ROCCATEERS can be found all over the world. And it was a revelation which led them together to energize the crucial benefit. The lake Inari long kept the secret our ROCCAT scientists call "Aimo". With every ROCCAT tool you will more and more internalize its Energy. Become part of our alliance."

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