EK Water Blocks TITAN Full Cover Block Kit Review

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2013-07-18

The Nvidia TITAN card is one serious monster gaming graphics card. Maximum performance awaits you if you are able to pay the atmospheric price tag. For those that want the fastest single GPU graphics card at the moment, this is the right one for you. But it's not all roses here for Nvidia's fastest GPU. The TITAN card is seriously limited by an average power design, allowing almost no extra headroom for that little extra crunching power. Secondly the stock heatsink is also running on its toes to keep the card just below throttling temperature. The latter is where watercooling comes to the rescue. Slovenian EK Waterblocks was so kind to send us one of their full cover block TITAN versions bundled with the backplate. A newer XL version of this full cover block also has popped up in the EK online shop. Time to unpack one of EK's marvels.

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Thanks to the TONES.BE crew for lending us the Nvidia Titan graphics card, without these mad guys, this review would not have been possible !

Our ASUS Titan card is of course a 100% reference Nvidia card. To remove the cooler you will need to buy a Torx T6 screwdriver. Unmounting the reference cooler is pretty straight forward. Just remove all the Torx screws and then just gently twist the cooler and it will pop off the GPU heatspreader.





Our naked Titan card, cleaned up to receive the thermal grease ( not included ) and the thermal pads for the RAM ICs and Mosfets. Since we also received the black backplate we had to cover the RAM ICs on the back of the PCB too. These thermal pads have to be cut by yourself to the right size; pure childs play if you take your time.





We applied GELID Extreme thermal paste to the GPU Die for maximum heat transfer to the EK FC Titan waterblock. Gently screw down all the Torx screws. In case you also got the backplate, make sure which screws exactly are needed to mount the backplate. Once finished, it will take you about 10 minutes max, you got yourself a pimped Titan card, ready to take on the world !





For the fittings, make sure you don't use too long versions of your favourite G1/4" threaded barbs. We used the EK ones compatible with the thick EK L360 tubing.

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