Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB 2400C10 Memory Kit Review

Memory by leeghoofd @ 2013-06-26

CORSAIR just recently launched their brand new Vengeance Pro series kits. These are designed to set new levels in value and overclocking. With a new stylish and aggressive looking heat spreader design, available in four different flavors: Blue, Gold Red and Silver color. The current products range up from 8GB to a whopping 64GB kit. The rated speeds start of at 1600MHz up to 2933MHz for the flagship version; especially the high end versions are being optimized for Intel's 4th generation Haswell processors. At Computex 2013, CORSAIR already showed higher specced versions, though if these will ever hit the shelves remains a big question. The today's reviewed Vengeance Pro kit is one of the more enthusiast targeted kits, comprising out of two 8GB 2400MHz Cas 10 DIMMs, with a red accent finish.

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The new Corsair Vengeance Pro series sport a more stylish and aggressive appearance than it's predecessors. The heatsinks are now more refined. These new DIMMs are available in different flavours to satisfy your desire for speed, quantity or just to match the color scheme of your favorite motherboard brand. The new 8 layer black PCB reinforces that more professional look.

The tested 16GB Dual Channel kit, running at 2400MHz, gives your setup a massive amount of bandwidth to play with. Allowing, when used together with an Intel's latest 4th generation Haswell CPU to work in perfect harmony. It's in fact a quite plain and simple Enthusiast rule for this platform: the more speed the merrier.



However the above statement is not always true for daily usage. For pure gaming purposes lower specced versions are still quite sufficient to warrant excellent and fluid game play. Higher rated RAMs will not magically increase your frames per second, they might help in reducing loading times or increase system responsiveness. Only if you daily run bandwidth dependant programs, then the higher speeds might justify the increased price over some of the lower rated versions.

This 2400C10 16GB Vengeance Pro kit, based on the Samsung HYKO ICs, reacted in a similar way as some of the competitor's RAM, of course based on the same memory chips. Not really appreciating high RAM clocks, in fact if you squeeze out another 100-150MHz out of these, you might consider yourself as extremely lucky.

Our sample was not stable enough during the [M]test suite. No matter the voltages or timings we used, running at 2600MHz was not gonna happen. Unless we loosened the subs so much, that the performance got absolutely crippled. Luckily these Samsung ICs have another card up their sleeve. The main timings can be set way tighter then the out of the box XMP 1.3 profile. Thus still allowing us to improve the performance of our test setup, at no extra cost.

Price wise these Vengeance Pro kits retail a bit higher (20-25 euros) then similar offerings from e.g. G.SKILL and Kingston. Which is a pity, as these are really great sticks, that bundle quantity, looks and performance, this all in the same package.


If you are shopping for a great looking RAM kit for your setup and feel the need for speed, then these 2400C10 Vengeance Pro series might be tailor made for you. Backed up by a lifetime CORSAIR warranty and support, it might be justified to cash out that little extra.





I wish to thank Gareth Ogden from CORSAIR for the Vengeance Pro kit


Bernice from Gigabyte for the Z87X-OC board



The guys from for the i7-4770K retail CPU

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