G.SKILL F3 12800C9D-8BSK Laptop SO-DIMM Review

Memory by leeghoofd @ 2013-06-21

It doesn't always have to be high end to be interesting. Laptops nowadays are powered by so powerful processors that the bottleneck of the system is to get the data fed towards and from the processor. Upgrading your laptop with a Solid State Drive is one of the best upgrades you can ever give it. If however this option might be out of your budget and you still want to use them programs that eat up all of your memory resources, a RAM upgrade might be in order. Today we review G.SKILL's high end 8GB F3 1600C9 SO-DIMM kit.

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Test Setup

For testbed we are using one of MSI's previous High end gaming notebooks: the GT60 OND model. Main Specifications of this notebook are:

  • i7-3610QM quad core processor
  • Intel HM77 chipset
  • nVidia Geforce GTX670M
  • 128GB Super RAID 
  • 750GB 7200 RPM HDD

Why did we choose such a high end model ? Reason one is that the mainboard chipset utilises the HM77 chipset, which is not limited at 1333MHz as some lower specced or older models, thus meaning we can exploit the G.SKILL SO-DiMM at it's box rated speed. Secondly the special bios allows us to tweak the setup and even overclock the RAM with the available RAM dividers.

This is what happens when installing these 1600C9 SO-DIMMs on an older laptop:


1333MHz C8-8-8-23 1T ain't bad either :)


To show how important it can be to upgrade your ram we start off with a basic Notebook configuration of 4GB in a single DIMM setup. Even my year and a half old ACER laptop, based on the Sandy Bridge Mobile CPUs, came with just 4GB installed. While most modern laptops now come bundled with usually a 2 SO-DIMM based setup, it can be sometimes a 4GB and a 2GB SO-DIMM in the mix. So we test the single versus the dual channel SO-DIMM setup.

  • 4GB versus 8GB comparison

Next test is to compare the mainstream RAM speed of 1333MHz versus the extra speed of 1600MHz this G.SKILL has got onboard. Last but not least we managed to overclock, heck we are Madshrimps after all, this G.SKILL 8GB kit to 1866MHz by slightly loosening the timings from C9-9-9-27 to 10-10-10-35. Too bad we couldn't alter the RAM voltage, it could well be we could have squeezed something more out of them.

  • 1333MHz versus 1600MHz C9 versus 1866MHz C10






Both the G.SKILLs installed in the GT60 OND laptop.

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