COBY Kyros Dual Core 8'' MID8065 Internet Tablet Review

Mobile/Tablets by stefan @ 2013-07-01

After reviewing the MID8065, a COBY tablet from their latest generation, we could not help but notice the speedier 1.2GHz Dual-Core processor which makes the slowness when browsing websites almost non-existent (an issue we have found with the MID1045). Also, the battery life has been improved during standby since the firmware turns off completely Wi-Fi during this time and the 8’’ format is more compact during travel.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

Recently we were reviewing a 10.1’’ tablet from COBY, with a single core CPU, but which featured a screen with very good viewing angles. In this review we will look upon the next generation of tablets from them and the test subject is the MID8065, with 8GB of internal memory, 1GB of RAM and powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU. An important missing component from the previously tested MID1045 tablet was Google Play Store, something that this tablet has installed from scratch. The packaging looks similar to the one we have previously seen, with product highlights and a photo of the tablet right on the frontal side:




The technical specifications are listed in more detail on the back side of the box:




The manufactured has also sealed the enclosure on both sides, to prevent unauthorized access inside:




By removing the outside packaging, we will reveal another, this time plain cardboard box:




Some leaflets with hints can be found as soon as we open up the enclosure:




What we can find inside? Well, the first two items we will see first are the tablet itself, wrapped in a transparent plastic bag, along with the protective pouch:




This is not all; we will also get a power adapter, an USB cable, the User Manual, Warranty information, a soft cloth for wiping the screen after usage and also a small leaflet regarding eMusic service:




Inside the manual we’ll get to know everything to get things started:




The power adapter was manufactured by DVE and is rated on the output 5V, 2A:




The power adapter ends up with a jack plug:




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