Computex 2013 Madshrimps Style

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2013-06-14

Even though CeBIT still is one of the biggest tradeshows in Europe, most big vendors seem to slowly but steadily be less and less present at the Hannover hallen. Most of the big names, either have rented hotel suites outside the CeBIT fair or are solely represented at the Planet Resellers booth. Secondly most new hardware launches are done at CES in Las Vegas or at the center of the computing world, Taipei City in Taiwan. This year we opted to go to the Computex Tradeshow to visit an old friend and gather with some of world's most famous overclockers. Time to bag up and head inbound Taiwan !

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First stop on Tuesday, still feeling so so after the Gigabyte Part at the Tavern on the night before, was to meet up with some of CORSAIR's new lineup. CORSAIR opted to rent a suite at the magnificent Grand Hyatt hotel, this to create a more intimate atmosphere.

The brand new Vengeance Pro RAM series are optimised for Intel's brand new Haswell platform, ranging from 1600 to 2933MHz with a maximum capacity of 64GB. At the moment not even the high end kits will be manufactured as Dominator Platinum kit. Probably this to reduce costs thus be able to sell the kits at a more competitive price.



On display a limited edition highly binned 8GB 3200C11 kit, pushing the limits of the i7-4770K CPU IMC, as it required close to subzero temps to maintain stability. Jake Crimmins aka Cpt Planet, CORSAIR's in house IC binning man and OCer, labelled named them after the infamous Danish OCer Marc Beier, as you can see in the SPD. Extremely lucky are the happy few that get send one of these rare kits.




CORSAIR also had an interesting case design with the Carbide Air 540R, recalling one of the dual case mods I did once. Using one chassis for the hardware and cooling and the other case for power supply and storage. A nice concept that will be available soon.




New was also the Carbide 330R, sporting 140mm fans and an optimised direct air flow design. Since the acquirement of the renown Razor company you will see more and more refined products appear in the peripheral lineup of CORSAIR.






No new additions to the Hydro All in One Liquid cooling solutions sadly. Time to head to the Nangang hall to visit some more booths.

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