Viako NANO LETTER NL-HM76T i5 Mini-PC Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2013-06-11

The NANO LETTER NL-HM76T i5 Mini-PC from Viako is powered by an Intel i5-3317U CPU and a Giada motherboard, comes pre-equipped with 4GB of DDR3-1600 RAM and also a MX 64GB SSD. The performance of the system is really good for using it as a media center, a seedbox, browsing, word processing and more.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The NANO LETTER NL-HM76T i5 Mini-PC from Viako is shipped inside a cute and simple looking box which looks identical to the one we have found with their previous ML55:




After opening the box, we will find on the top layer some documentation along with the installation disk:




The documentation we have discussed about previously is about the Giada motherboard the computer comes with:




Each component is located in a separate compartment and wrapped in transparent bags to avoid damages:




So, besides the mini-PC we will get a dock, the power supply, some mounting screws and also a Wi-Fi antenna. Our sample did not ship with a power lead though, so we had to acquire one separately:




The power supply is rated on the output 12V, 5A and was manufactured by LiteOn:




The other end of the PSU wire ends up with a DC jack plug:




The dock sports the same finish as the mini-PC itself and attaches to the chassis with two screws:





The NANO LETTER is not a mini-PC for nothing since it measures only 140x130x30 (WxDxH) and comes in two different colors. Our sample has a golden finish and the product logo is printed on the lower right side:





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