AeroCool Touch-2100 Fan Controller Review

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The Touch-2100 Fan Controller from AeroCool comes with a responsive multi-colored display and 5 separate channels, from where we can fine-tune the fan speeds or adjust the alarm temperature for the thermistors. Each thermal probe can be attached to the surfaces of our choice with the help of the included adhesive and in case one of these fail, we always have replacements inside the accessory bag.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The new Touch-2100 Fan Controller from Aerocool is shipped inside a fully sealed cardboard box:




Besides a photo with the product in operation, on the front side of the box we will also get a list of features:




The opposite side comes with a more detailed explanation on the main components:




After opening up the box, we will see that the controller along with the accessories is held inside a transparent plastic mold, and we will also get a small installation manual:




The manual will let us know anything that is needed to get things moving:




The extra bundle is held inside a re-sealable transparent plastic bag:




Most of the cable extensions are pre-installed to the back of the controller and we will take a closer look. The first one is the HD Audio connector; this particular connector seemed a little short to use when the fan controller was installed inside our ATCS full tower case from Cooler Master, because it has to travel in a diagonal from the front side of the case (top) to the back side of the case (bottom):




The USB connector is a combo USB 2.0/3.0 variant and can be used depending on what headers we have available on our motherboard:




The controller gets its power from a single MOLEX connector:




Attached to the controller we have no less than 5 temperature sensors:




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