Gigabyte GTX 780 WindForce OC 3GB Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2013-06-03

With the coming of the GTX Titan derivation named GTX 780, we have very good performances available at a lower price point. Gigabyte is one of the companies which offer a highly overclocked variant and a custom, compact cooling system which is enough silent when the card is placed in a well ventilated computer case.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

Our sample has arrived without the external packaging layer, which probably was not yet finalized at the time, but inside a black box with the Gigabyte logo on top:




Plenty of protective material was found inside to avoid any damages that may occur during transport:




The card was located in the center, also wrapped inside an anti-static bag, but without any extra accessories (the retail product contains manuals, an installation disk, but also some extra connectivity options):




After collecting the card from the box, we have seen that on the top metallic shroud there was an extra layer of transparent plastic film, which needs to be removed before the first use; the WindForce logo can be clearly seen here:




The custom cooling solution by Gigabyte for the GTX 780 has made its appearance really fast on the market compared to the other manufacturers which launched their products only with the stock Nvidia cooling, so this is a thing to be appreciated. Like we have seen on the Sparkle X580, the tri-fan cooling system permits uniform cooling of the large heatsink, without the need to keep the fans at a high speed:




Gigabyte has made sure to keep the cooling system really compact, so we have a true 2-slot solution:




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