Brando Workshop Sony Xperia Z Accessories Presentation

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Brando Workshop has lots and lots of accessories available for the new Xperia Z, along with products for protecting our phone like thin plastic films, cases. In this presentation we will try to cover some of them.

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A Closer Look Part I

Brando Workshop Leather Case (Side Open)


The Leather Case from Brando made especially for the Xperia Z mobile phone is shipped inside a simple cardboard box, with a golden logo on the top side:




If we look carefully on the side, we will find the case type printed on a small sticker:




Inside the box we will find besides the case a belt mounting mechanism:




Unlike the Noreve Tradition case we have just reviewed, this one opens like a book, and is held secure with magnetic force:




On the back side of the case we will see the small cut-out for the camera and flash, along with the hole for mounting the belt clip mechanism:




The case can be opened with ease and the leather design is identical on both sides:




The top cover also comes with a Brando logo imprinted:




Here are some views of the mounting clips on all sides:


Right Side




Bottom Side




Left Side




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