Talismoon Wolf Controller for XBOX 360 Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2013-04-24

The Wolf Controller for XBOX 360 is a modification PCB from Talismoon which allows adding a lot of features to the original controller like Rapid Fire, 17 programmable buttons, instant Macro creation, multiple profiles, Voice commands, the ability to use multiple controllers at once in single player games and more.

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The Configuration Software Part I

After turning on the controller, we can pair it with our computer or Android device via Bluetooth. The necessary configuration software can be downloaded from the www.wolfcontroller.com website along with the Android app, a default controller profile and some individual macros for the default controller profile:




The main application screen will show the controller in the middle, a small wolf head on the top left and a macro selector. The right side comes with the memory banks selector and on the bottom we have the option to load new macros, save them, clear the currently created macro, or perform upload/download operations to/from the controller:




The top menu also comes with the following configuration screens:




Further on, we can choose a port if the controller was not detected properly by the application or perform software updates:





A successfully connection will light up the eyes of the wolf and the bats will start signaling when data is being communicated with the controller:




After loading the default profile, we can see some newly defined macros and some banks will be also programmed:




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