Talismoon Wolf Controller for XBOX 360 Review

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The Wolf Controller for XBOX 360 is a modification PCB from Talismoon which allows adding a lot of features to the original controller like Rapid Fire, 17 programmable buttons, instant Macro creation, multiple profiles, Voice commands, the ability to use multiple controllers at once in single player games and more.

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A Closer Look

In this review we will try to take a look upon one of the latest Rapid Fire Mod for the XBOX 360 controller made by Talismoon. There are also some other Rapid Fire mods on the market, but this one is more advanced (we have control of over 17 buttons), permitting a much simpler configuration procedure, via Bluetooth. This procedure will allow us to connect directly to the XBOX 360 mod itself and perform modifications from our PC or Android device. The Wolf mod can be bought separately or integrated inside a new XBOX 360 controller. On a first look, the controller looks very similar to the stock one, with a few modifications like the clear analog sticks:




At each analog stick we have 4 additional SMD LEDs that can be controlled from the Wolf app:




Opening up the controller to see what is inside is not an easy deal since Microsoft has used special screws that can be removed by only using a T8 Security screwdriver; we must not forget the last screw that is placed underside the product serial number, in the battery compartment:




Our sample had the mod pre-applied; the manufacturer does not recommend installing the mod by inexperienced people because we may damage the controller in the process. Before attempting to order the PCB, we must check the compatibility: only the C15 type original Microsoft Wireless XBOX 360 controller is eligible. First we will have to remove some graphite material from the instructed points and then we’ll have to tin the points in order to apply the mod PCB (Wolf Flexi Board). A completed board should look like this:




Some extra wires must be installed to take control of the left and right bumpers:




Also, we will place two additional wires for the thumb sticks:




The light rings will be fixed properly by using glue or double side tape. These must be secured properly because if we do not, they will lift up and start moving; by using the controller like this we may damage the PCB:




The Wolf is not a regular PIC chip design, but is powered by an ARM Microcontroller and secure FPGA chip, both which are fully upgradeable over Bluetooth. Here are the components that we have spotted on the PCB:






NXP LPC1114F ARM Cortex-M0 based Microcontroller




The visible EN29LV800CB IC is an 8 Megabit Flash Memory placed on the Bluetooth PCB and was manufactured by EON (Eon Silicon Solution Inc.):




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