takeMS LumX 4GB USB Flash Drive Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2013-04-30

The new LumX USB Flash Drives from takeMS put style, elegance ahead product performance, at a decent price. The 4GB variant we have just reviewed is able to store data with a speed of 5.599kbytes/s and read with about 14.021kbytes/s; the manufacturer also puts at our disposal 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models, for people which need more storage space on the go.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

In this review we will take a look upon an USB Flash Drive from a company that is in the business for quite a long time and we are talking about takeMS. Their most recent release does not sport stellar performances (since the drive is based on USB 2.0), but comes with very catchy looks and is available in multiple colors like Red, Green, Blue or Violet. The product is shipped inside a simple packaging and right from the start we can see how it looks like, without the need of unsealing the box:




Some more details regarding the product can be found on the back, written in multiple languages:




The LumX is small and cute and all electronics are built inside the USB connector; the rest of the body is made from Plexiglas with the takeMS logo in the middle. Also, on the front side of the drive we will also see the rated capacity; a small hole is provided so we can use the product attached to a key ring:




The back side of the LumX is similar, but on the connector we will see an additional serial number:




Here is also a look from the front side of the USB connector:




When the drive is plugged in, the Plexiglas body will light up with a nice effect; also, when data is transferred to the drive or from the drive, the LED light will flash:





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