Noreve Sony Xperia Z Leather Case (Tradition - 21038T) Review

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Noreve manufactures a lot of high quality natural leather cases for PDAs, MP3 Players, laptops, cameras, tablets and more. In this review we will look upon a case for the recently released Sony Xperia Z mobile phone which also has the possibility of mounting a plastic or metallic belt clip. The customization and finish possibilities are rich and depending on what we choose, the waiting time will vary since the cases are hand-made.

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At first I would like to thank Noreve for sending a sample of their Sony Xperia Z Leather Case (Tradition - 21038T) for testing and reviewing.



About Noreve:


“Noreve : A brand that evolves at the speed of technological innovations


Since 2004, Noreve has specialised in manufacturing high quality, leather cases for mobile devices.


Unique design and southern French style permeate the whole of the collection which is available in several ranges :


• 'Perpétuelle', classic soft leather protection

• 'Perpétuelle Couture', with diamond-shaped stitched finish

• 'Ambition', top quality pebble grain leather

• 'Ambition Couture', with diamond-shaped stitched finish

• 'Exception', exclusive vintage texture

• 'Pulsion', matte fluorescent leather

• 'Illumination', varnished leather selection

• 'Tentation Tropézienne', Made in France selection


Through the quality and design of our products, our new capacity of reaction as well as the boom of new technology boom, the company has achieved rapid growth.


Today, thanks to very competitive shipping costs, we send hundreds of packages to our end users and partners all around the world (United States, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Russian, Saudi Arabia etc. ). Our network of resellers (affiliates, web and specialist stores) continues to expand to all corners of the world. We also have confidential agreements with major manufacturers who wish to benefit from our know-how in designing bespoke cases.


Also, we commit to communication actions on a regular basis in order to strengthen our privileged relationship with our clientele.


The essence of our brand is directly connected to the evolution of new technologies, and this is why our priority is keep up with the very latest trends in this ever-changing market.

Our objective is to offer maximum protection for your mobile devices while ensuring that you can continue to access its functions. Our cases are also designed to look as attractive as possible - indeed, cases have become genuine fashion accessories. ”


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