COBY Kyros Internet 10 Touchscreen Tablet (MID1045) Review

Mobile/Tablets by stefan @ 2013-04-17

The Kyros MID1045 is a mainstream tablet with a single core Allwinner CPU clocked at 1GHz which sports a 10.1’’ 1280x800 resolution capacitive display. If we do not mind occasional hiccups during web page browsing inside content-heavy websites or the lack of the Play Store, then this product may be a good choice for users on a tight budget.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Kyros MID1045-8 tablet from COBY has arrived in a medium-sized cardboard box, with a photo of the main product on the top side, along with the list of the main features:




On the back side of the box we will get more in-detail information of the tablet:




To avoid unauthorized access inside the box, COBY has sealed the enclosure on both sides:




With the top cover of the internal packaging lifted, we will find some leaflets, along with the rest of the bundle:




The product also ships with a carry pouch to protect the tablet while on the go against scratches:




The tablet is equipped with a multi-touch screen and on the first leaflet we are instructed on how to activate some gestures, but also how to remove the protective film. If you’d like to keep the tablet in top-shape, we’d recommend keeping the original protective film on until we get a 3rd party replacement (the films for the Galaxy Tab P7500 seem to fit quite well):




The second leaflet will let us know how to contact the support team:




Besides the bundle we have just mentioned, we will also get a power adapter with plugs for UK and the rest of the Europe, a set of stereo headphones, an USB cable, an OTG USB Host Cable, a soft cloth for wiping the screen clean and a small manual:





The power adapter is branded MOSO and is rated on the output 5V, 2.5A:




Here is a closer look on the provided headphones:





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