Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse and Surface 1030 XL Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2013-04-30

After a lot of waiting, we are happy to see the new products from Func, which include the MS-3 gaming mouse with an ergonomic shape, but also the revised Surface 1030 mouse pad, coming in two different sizes.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

Func is one of the first companies which reinvented the mouse pad for gaming purposes; the double-sided Func sUrface 1030 mouse pad (released in 2000) was approved by many gamers and has won lots of awards online and at major magazines. After a lot of time in stand-by, the company has released a new series of mouse pads and also a gaming mouse, which is called MS-3.

The product is shipped inside a cardboard box with a really clean and professional design; on the front we will see the company logo along with the product code name:




By lifting the top cover we will discover the mouse, which is covered by a transparent plastic mold:




On the back side we will get more details regarding the main components:




Besides the mouse itself, we will also get a Product Manual and the disk with software:




Inside the Manual, we will find enough information to get things started:





When looking at the mouse from the top, we will clearly see that it has quite a large footprint. The top surface is fully covered with a rubbery surface which feels good even after long gaming sessions:




On the left side of the mouse, we will see four programmable buttons. The top ones are initially defined as Forward-Backward, the bottom one as Mute and the small, circular one as Instant Aim:




The Instant Aim button will help getting the DPI to a very low value in order to take precise shots:




Both top and bottom buttons are easy accessible:





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