Pivos Technology XIOS DS Media Play Smart TV Companion Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2013-04-23

The Xios DS is a small, but well optimized Android Media Player that can run XBMC in good conditions and features enough ports in order to plug in multiple storage devices or wired/wireless keyboards and mice. With the player we also get a simple remote for navigating through the menus.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

Pivos Technology Group were nice and have offered their latest XIOS DS Media Play Android device for us to examine; the product is shipped inside a cute cardboard box of small dimensions and right from its top we can learn that this is an official platform for XBMC. This should practically mean that XBMC runs flawlessly, no matter what we would throw at it:




Some more info about the product can be observed on the laterals:






On the bottom side of the box, we will find the generally supported file extensions, some views of the available ports, supported resolutions and also interface languages:




By removing the top cover, we will find other pictograms on the box:







The manufacturer informs us that we should update to the latest software version before using the product for the first time, an operation that can be done really easy if we follow the specified instructions:




Besides the main product, inside the box we will also find an User Guide, one HDMI cable, a power adapter and a white remote:




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