Pivos Technology XIOS DS Media Play Smart TV Companion Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2013-04-23

The Xios DS is a small, but well optimized Android Media Player that can run XBMC in good conditions and features enough ports in order to plug in multiple storage devices or wired/wireless keyboards and mice. With the player we also get a simple remote for navigating through the menus.

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At first we would like to thank Pivos Technology Group for offering a sample of their XIOS DS Media Play Smart TV Companion for testing and reviewing




About Pivos Technology Group:


“Pivos Technology Group, Inc. is a global pioneer in media peripherals and embedded technologies founded by a group of industrial veteran and renowned platform developers in Fremont, California. We set to challenge the curve of our conversation with today's technology to breathe innovation, performance, creativity and human engineering. With over decades of combined industrial experiences and award winning development team, our company is committed to provide a full line of embedded digital solutions where computing technology joins today's rich internet contents.


Our mission is to provide cutting edge digital enhancement for today's multi-platform consumer and commercial platforms worldwide. Revolutionizing the interaction between user and devices to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.


Our solutions focus on IPTV STB/ OTT, Internet Video Streaming, VOD, multimedia playback, and digital display technologies. Partnered with the world's leading embedded manufactures, our platform is an ideal solution for today's demanding consumer and commercial technology. With development professionals World Wide, we thrive to deliver the latest "human" technology products to every corner of the world.”


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