Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2013-03-23

One of the objectives of the HWBOT Team Cup 2013 is to introduce our hardcore hobby to the masses. When MSI asked Madshrimps to attend an OverClock Academy, to promote their Z77 MPOWER mainboards, all systems were go. On the 21st of March we halted at the magnificent CDROMLAND shop located in the lovely Breda. Our goal was not to set new high scores, but to explain how overclocking works and to allow the gathered crowd to get into it themselves.

Of course these OC events reports don't need a lot of words, but rather require a lot of pictures from the action going on.

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Scores and VIP Guest

That the MSI Z77 MPOWER board  is no slouch, is clearly shown by the multitude off pretty efficient scores set by Nedernakker. Take note that Bauke had close to no experience on the mainboard. He was pretty surprised the way it handled the cold.

  • 3DMARK05 SLI score: 61997  ( 10th spot Worldwide for 2 x GTX580 )
  • 3DMARK06 SLI score: 48874  ( 6th spot Worldwide for 2 x GTX580 )
  • 3DMARK11 SLI score: 14589
  • AQUAMARK03 SLI score: 487912  ( 7th spot Worldwide for 2 x GTX580 )

His G.Skill PI 2000C6 kit ran all afternoon long at +/- 2400MHz with 8-11-8 timings. Nice scores Bauke, congratz !

Our Latvian friend Sam aka Tapakah at HWBOT also dropped by with some of his magical highly binned RAM kits.

He directly took one setup for his own benefit to see if the MPOWER board could push the same clocks as the competitors' boards. Pushing the IMC of the i7-3770K to the max, Sam was able to get this SuperPI 32M sort of stable stable:



1300MHz C6-12-7-28 1T at 1.9ish Vdimm, although being quite impressed by the G.SKILL kit. However also with the MPOWER board, which has evolved and became more compatible with different RAM ICs.




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