Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2013-03-23

One of the objectives of the HWBOT Team Cup 2013 is to introduce our hardcore hobby to the masses. When MSI asked Madshrimps to attend an OverClock Academy, to promote their Z77 MPOWER mainboards, all systems were go. On the 21st of March we halted at the magnificent CDROMLAND shop located in the lovely Breda. Our goal was not to set new high scores, but to explain how overclocking works and to allow the gathered crowd to get into it themselves.

Of course these OC events reports don't need a lot of words, but rather require a lot of pictures from the action going on.

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CDROMLAND Shop and Setups

The venue for this MSI OC Academy was the CDROMLAND shop in Breda. already having seen many PC shops in Belgium, the Dutch approach is more warehouse like. With loads of hardware on display and plenty of shop assistants, to give the shopper expert guidance in the hows and whats.





The center of attention of this OC Academy would be MSI's Z77 MPOWER mainboard. The MADSHRIMPS crew has already spend plenty of hours with this powerful, yet affordable Overclock beast.




The CDROMLAND technicians created 4 nicely finished bench setups, comprising of the following hardware:




To keep the focus on the MPOWER board the MSI crew opted to not use a discrete graphics card and instead opt to push the HD4000 Intel GPU solution of the Ivy Bridge i7-3770K CPU.


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