Scythe Kama Bay Amp Pro (SDAR-3000) & Kro Craft Speakers Rev. B Review

Audio/Speakers&Amps by stefan @ 2013-03-27

Scythe have finally released their latest amplifier iteration, which can provide more power and takes two 5,25 inch bays if we decide to install it inside our computer. The product is also shipped with a very useful remote, which permits us to switch between the inputs, adjust the Equalizer and more.

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A Closer Look Part II

On the left side we have one audio output jack and a second jack for the fourth input:




The lower left corner is equipped with an USB power connector and nearby we also have the LEDs which represent the currently active audio input:




Further to the right, we can find a Select button for switching between the inputs, a LED button for choosing the display color, one Default button for resetting the EQ and also one IR sensor:




The Treble, Bass and Volume dials are also present here:




On the right side we have the Power and Mute buttons:




On each lateral side of the amplifier, we have removable plastic covers, each held with 4 black screws:




The unit has also a warranty sticker which prevents opening it further to expose the internals:




On the back side of the amplifier we can find the first three inputs and the golden connectors for the speakers. The analog decibel meters function can be switch on either input or output and nearby we will also find the DC-IN port along with an USB header:




The SDAR-3000 is equipped with 4 rubber feet on the bottom:




To expose the unit internals, we will have to remove some extra screws from the top cover:




The amplifier components are split on three different PCBs:




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