Scythe ASHURA CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2013-04-17

Japanese cooling giant Scythe has become a very popular brand amongst cooling enthusiasts. Their Mugen series coolers were a great balance between superior thermal dissipation and price. However these particular tower coolers were pretty humongous in design. Times evolve and installation issues with new enclosures and especially compatibility when installing heatspreader equipped RAMs, needed to be addressed. The noise generated also remains a critical factor when buying an aftermarket CPU cooler. Scythe's latest Ashura CPU cooler is on paper the perfect harmony off a high end tower cooler, with a slanted heatpipe design, cooled down by a powerful and silent 140mm fan.

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The packaging is in typical Scythe style. Now where the PR team dig up all the names for their products remains a mystery to me. Even when looking it up on Wikipedia, it left me completely puzzled. Feel free to send a PM if you got it figured out.




The Scythe Ashura tower is a pretty big cooler, however this time the cooling surface is not purly determined by the height, but more achieved in width. The dimensions are 145 x 161 x 65mm ( W x H x D ).




The six 6mm heatpipes are of a slanted/assymetrical design, which de-centers the position of the fin based cooling surface from the CPU's center. A solution we have seen before and one that works to maximise RAM compatibility.




The specifications of the Ashura tower cooler are:

  • Intel Compatibility:
    Socket LGA2011
    Socket LGA775 (one position possible)
    Socket LGA1155
    Socket LGA1156
    Socket LGA1366
  • AMD Compatibility:
    Socket AM2
    Socket AM2+
    Socket AM3
    Socket AM3+
    Socket FM1/2

  • Dimensions:
    145 x 65 x 161mm / 5.71 x 2.56 x 6.34 inch

  • Weight:
    750 g / 26.46 oz (excl. fan)


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