ASUSTOR AS-604T 4-bay NAS Server for Home and Small Business Review

Storage/NAS by stefan @ 2013-02-21

Even if they are new on the market, ASUSTOR has succeeded to deliver some powerful NAS servers. The model that we are reviewing in this article comes with 4 bays, is meant for usage at home and in small business environments and is packing an Intel Atom DS2700 CPU along with 1GB of RAM (user upgradeable to 3GB).

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The 4-bay NAS server for home use and small business has arrived in a medium-sized cardboard box, with a really simple design:




The package contents are also listed on the exterior, along with a summary of product specifications:




For easy transportation, the box is provided with a plastic handle:




The NAS, along with its bundle are carefully packed inside, to avoid damages during shipping:




The previously mentioned bundle is located in a separate cardboard box:




Besides the power lead, we will receive a DVD with the software utility and user manual in electronic format, the necessary screws for mounting both 2.5’’ and 3.5’’ drives, but also two LAN cables:




The NAS enclosure is also wrapped in a transparent plastic bag:




AS-604T has a considerably smaller width than the DS412+ from Synology and sports a top aluminum cover, with a plastic front:




The drive trays come with ventilation grills and on the top we have a LED display which can show menus or display statistics when the NAS is online:




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Comment from jmke @ 2013/02/22
Intel NAS Performance Toolkit interesting piece of software!
Ran in on a €100.000 Storage solution (iSCSI)

PhotoAlbum: 11.627MB/s
DirectoryCopyFromNAS: 23.304MB/s
DirectoryCopyToNAS: 14.129MB/s
FileCopyFromNAS : 45.147MB/s
FileCopyToNAS: 1149.257MB/s *

OfficeProductivity: 25.083MB/s
ContentCreation: 11.827MB/s

HDVideo_1Play_1Record: 87.289MB/s
HDVideo_1Record: 1280.751MB/s *
HDVideo_1Play: 60.779MB/s
HDVideo_2Play: 90.809MB/s
HDVideo_4Play: 143.016MB/s

scores marked * are skewed because of the test system having more than >2GB RAM.

overall I'd say that performance wise the AS-604T CPU is fast enough to not be a bottleneck performance wise; the SSD inside pushes it past A lot more expensive enterprise products