G.SKILL TRIDENTX 8GB 2400C10 Dual Channel RAM Kit Review

Memory by leeghoofd @ 2013-02-04

The G.Skill brand has become one of the more popular ones in the enthusiast community. This Taiwanese RAM company has won the hearts of many overclockers, especially due their binning methods and affordable price tag. Therefore G.Skill manages time after time to launch RAM kits in multiple speed/timing versions, different quantities and best of all they usually sport some overclocking headroom. G.Skill introduced simultaneously a new series of RAM, baptized TridentX, together with Intel's launch of the Ivy Bridge CPU. The RAM vendors had to readjust their binning methods, mainly due to the high ram speed support of Intel's 3rd generation CPU. Enthusiast RAM isn't solely based anymore on just tight timings, high RAM speeds is one of the new requirements. The TridentX kit reviewed today is one of the medium specced kits, comprised of two 4GB dimms running at a whopping 2400MHz RAM speed, however affordably priced at sub 75 euros.

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Even with a medium range specced kit as this 2400MHZ C10 kit, G.Skill has pulled it off again to deliver a kit with some nice overclocking headroom. Secondly the looks are hardly debatable, in fact together with the Platinum series from CORSAIR, one of the prettiest heatspreaders to date. Black and red is a winning combo without a doubt .

The TridentX series are again available in a wide variety of speeds and quantities, but less compared to previous series. G.Skill is renown for, a sometimes confusing, launch of a gazillion different RAM kits within the same range. Four different speeds varying from 2400MHz to a whopping 2800MHz for the TridentX lineup. You want quantity ? The TridentX smallest size is 8GB going up to 32GB, depending on the speed selected.

Back to the performance of this TridentX 2400C10 kit versus the simulated and overclocked speeds, we spot that these 2400MHz lifetime warranted speeds, are a perfect sweet spot between system performance and affordability. For those that want that little more performance out of their setup without spending too much cash these Dimms offer  a very nice in between.



Being very surprised we could even tighten down the stock timings from C10-12-12-31 2T to 10-11-11-21 1T without even touching the voltage. And if that wasn't good enough we could run our review kit at the speeds of the highly acclaimed Samsung based kit of 2600C10-12-12-31 1T. Even 2666MHz was perfectly possible with a more hardcore approach towards the voltage settings, however absolutely not recommended for daily usage.

With this 2400MHz C10 Dual channel 8GB kit G.Skill offers the end user a stunning looking RAM kit, with more then plenty of performance to boost your PC setup to new heights. Covered by a lifetime warranty and retailing at sub 75 Euros, the bang for the buck ratio is extremely high. Without a doubt the looks are for many a deciding factor, plus these sticks got a bit extra juice under the hood. Can you resist ?


Madshrimps awards these 2400C10 8GB Dual Channel the Value and Performance award!





  • Excellent balance between performance and price
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good tweaking potential



  • Absolutely no clue



Thanks goes out to Kaysta from G.Skill for supplying Madshrimps with the 2400C10 kit


The Tones crew for the years of support


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