ROCCAT Lua Classic 3-Button Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2013-02-14

The Lua is an entry-level mouse from ROCCAT, which is using an Avago ADNS A3050 optical sensor with a maximum DPI of 2000. The product comes with some features borrowed from the Savu like the lateral “no-sweat” plastic finish or the ultra-precise 2D scrolling wheel and is priced decently.

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The Software GUI

The software utility can be downloaded right from the ROCCAT website:




The GUI options are similar to what we have seen at the more expensive ROCCAT mice and we have a total of 3 tabs that we can access. The Main Control tab allows us to adjust the DPI switcher, the Windows pointer speed, the double click speed, vertical scroll speed and polling rate. Here we can also reset the settings to default:




The Advanced Control tab will let us adjust the lighting system effects to Fully Lighted, Breathing and also Lighting Off. The mouse button functions can be also adjusted here along with the hand-mode switch:




The final Update/Support tab will allow us to go straight to the latest Driver Download page, see the currently installed driver and firmware version and if we need additional assistance we can either email the ROCCAT team or access the Online Support section:




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