Corsair Hydro 90 & H110 Review - 140mm Cooling Power

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2013-01-28

Corsair just recently launched a brand new Hydro series with the H80i and H100i units, both coolers being updated versions of their predecessors, not alone being overhauled in the cooling/pump block design, but also the addition of the new CORSAIR AIR Static Pressure fans was a big plus for the new Hydro i series. Secondly the LINK software was now directly supported, without the need of buying the optional Command Control set. The new features boosted the cooling performance and versatility for end-user adjustment. To our big surprise, two brand new Hydro units arrived on our doorstep. The Hydro 90 and 110, both being optimized for extreme cooling performances. Weirdly enough these brand new coolers are not based on the latest Hydro I series, but seem at first glance a revamp of the older Hydro 70 design, manufactured by ASETEK for CORSAIR. Biggest innovation is the usage of a 140mm radiator and ditto fan, instead of the 120mm version we are so accustomed too. More radiator surface should enhance the cooling capacity. Let's find out how these two Hydro units perform...

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140mm FAN and Mounting Mechanism

140mm fans require less FAN speeds to provide similar or better cooling performance then their smaller 120mm brethern. Logic benefit is less noise generation due to the lower rotational speed.

The specifications for the single included fan are:

  • Fan dimensions: 140mm x 25mm
  • Fan speed: 1500 +/- 10% RP
  • Fan airflow: 94 CFM
  • Fan static pressure: 1.64mm-H2O
  • Noise level: 35dB(A)





The included fan has got 9 fan blades, the 140mm Air fan Series Quiet Edition has got 11. Like with the fans included in the H80/100i, the included fan is sort of a spin-off of the CORSAIR's AIR Series FANS. To reduce costs and thus lower the street price of the bundle, the absence of the removable colored inserts and anti vibration dampers are understandable. Too bad we don't get two FANS in the H90 bundle, for a push and pull configuration.

The H90 and also the 280mm H110 don't support the LINK software, as with the H70 the FANs are controlled by the motherboard headers. No inclusion of 7V/12V adapters as the max RPM is plus minus 1500rpm, compared to the 2000rpm and more of the 120mm version Hydros. The FAN plugs need to be connected to a 4 pin header, the Pump unit is requiring a 3 pin header.



Holes for optional LEDs are foreseen in the FAN housing for extra bling bling lighting effects.

The mounting mechanism is a slight improved version of the Hydro70. Compared to the Hydro80/100i a step backwards, the amount of parts is tripled. Too bad as the simplicity of the H80/100i mechanism was a marvel to work with.


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