SteelSeries Flux Luxury Edition Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2013-01-30

The new Flux Luxury Edition Gaming Headset from SteelSeries was built for mobility in mind, comes with two separate connectivity cables, a carry pouch and interchangeable covers. The Flux is easy to adjust thanks to the FluidFIT headband and produces a high quality sound even in movies or games, even if it is marketed mainly for gaming purposes.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

In this review we will look upon another headset from SteelSeries, which sports quite some unique features and an interesting presentation of the packaging. The headset is shipped inside a rather small plastic enclosure, with a transparent window on top, so we could see how the product does look like before unsealing the box:




On the sides, we can find more details regarding the product, including the technical specifications:






On the bottom side of the box we will find a large SteelSeries emblem:




By lifting removing the top cover, we will see that the space is carefully utilized inside:




Besides the headset, we will also find inside a small carry pouch, a cable extension, two replaceable lateral covers and the documentation:




The connectivity cables are very flexible and have a rubber finish; SteelSeries has supplied two, one for PCs and one for mobile devices like tablets, mobile phones:




The cable which is meant for mobile devices has on one end an L-shaped jack plug and the other side has a regular jack plug:





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