Cygnett Apollo iPhone 4/4S Case Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2013-01-21

The Apollo case from Cygnett is a hybrid which means that it combines two different materials: silicone and hard plastic. The case sports a clean design and can be ordered in different colors and the manufacturer has also included a screen protector.

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Conclusive Thoughts

The Apollo case from Cygnett which fits the iPhone 4/4S mobile phones combines two materials: silicone and hard plastic and also comes with a handy screen protector. The silicone interior is meant to absorb the shocks and its raised edges will protect the front part of our iPhone. Also, the hard plastic exterior is meant to enhance the overall strength of the case and is also made from a scratch-resistant texture.


On the back side of the case we can see a hard plastic cut-out where the Cygnett logo is printed onto the silicone layer; this area of the case was made for good reason, in order to aid the removal of the phone from the case.


The Apollo iPhone 4/4S case can be ordered in different color flavors which includes black, white, purple, pink or red. The selling price is in the 26 Euro range.


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I would like to thank again to Cygnett for making this review possible!

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