LEETGION El'Druin Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2013-01-28

The new El’Druin Gaming Mouse from LEETGION features an unusual appearance and is equipped with a SPAD on the left (Skill Power Action D-Pad) and on the right the Omni-Tuner. The mouse is shipped with interchangeable palm rests and the central mouse sensor comes from Avago, model 9500, which permits DPI ranges to be adjusted from 100 to 5000.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Skill Power Action D-Pad


When facing the minions of Hell and Evil, keyboard quick keys and your left right button is just not enough. You need to be able to dual-wield all your Skills Powers and Actions! What you need is the SPAD, short for Skill Power Action D-Pad! It's a fully programmable five way thumb key that gives fast access to skills without the need to memorize complex button placements. Everything you need is right at the tip of your thumb.


DPI Micro Tune


In conjunction with the Leetgion Omni-Tuner, we introduce to you the DPI Micro Tune. With DPI Micro Tune, you can micro-manage your DPI to find the exact setting that's right for you. All of the control through one finger and on mouse, no hassle.


12 Fully Programmable Ergonomic Buttons


Dungeon Crawling is serious business. Not only do you need as many spells as you can, you need it in quick and ergonomic reach! The El Druin has a total of 12 fully programmable, macro binding buttons, all ergonomically placed, to keep your hands running fresh through the 16th level of Hell!


Avago 9500


The El Druin uses the sophisticated and proven Avago9500 Pro Gaming grade laser sensor. It is capable of DPI ranges of 100 to 5000, providing steady tracking perfect for click heavy games.




Introducing the Leetgion Omni-Tuner (Patent Pending), it's an all in one wheel for on the fly switching of profiles, DPI settings and more. Omni-Tuner controls are easy and intuitive, down press to choose your mode, then scroll up and down your profiles or DPI settings. Use one wheel to control them all.


Removable Palm Plate


The world of RPG's and gaming is definitely not one-size fits all. Just like your virtual weapons of choice, the Leetgion El Druin is here to fit your play style. Featuring the Removable Palm Plate for adjustable size and grip, choose between two sizes and two different textures, your grip your style.


Dual LED Lighting System


The El Druin features a dual LED lighting system, one for Omni-Tuner mode indication and one for Profile indication. Always be aware of your settings and Omin-Tuner mode.


Omron Japan Micro Switch


The El Druin's top quality Made in Japan Omron Micro Switches, are built to last and endure. Click your way through loot and victory!




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