Vogel's LCD WALL MOUNT Superflat EFW 8105 S 19”-26 Review

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Last year I bought some second hand IBM L192P 19” TFT screens to be used in the bench garage. The included desk mounts didn’t fit so I was looking for some wall mounts.

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Installation and wall mounting an IBM 19” monitor

Thanks to the built in water level it’s very easy to mark the mounting holes on the wall as you don’t need a second pair of hands. The instructions mention to drill a small hole first using a 5mm (for a depth of 2cm) drill and afterwards use an 8mm (for a depth of 7cm).


Having followed the instructions, I still found it difficult to get the plugs into the 8mm hole. I even cleaned out the holes with a vacuum cleaner to remove any brick/concrete debris, but I still needed a hammer to get the plugs all the way in. As the screws didn’t want to go in all the way I used shorter ones instead.



I would therefore recommend to use a different plug and a shorter one at that as well. The mount is designed to handle 20kg’s, but as my 19” monitor is less than 5kg’s the fisher plugs and screws included with the kit are a bit of overkill.


Backside of the screen shows the 4 M4 mounting holes.



Left side bracket mounted. Cover for the bolts still needs to be positioned


Close-up of the retention mechanism.


Mounting the brackets to the back of the monitor was a breeze. There are several spacers included for those monitors or TV’s where the mounting holes are a bit recessed with regards to the back plate of the screen. But not needed for this IBM.


All that’s left is to hang the monitor from the back plate and click it into place.





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