Vogel's LCD WALL MOUNT Superflat EFW 8105 S 19”-26 Review

Others/Miscelleneous by Teemto @ 2013-01-08

Last year I bought some second hand IBM L192P 19” TFT screens to be used in the bench garage. The included desk mounts didn’t fit so I was looking for some wall mounts.

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Up Close


The backplate which mounts to the wall and close up of the water level in the right side cover.



Assembled unit front and back view.


Mounting brackets which are mounted on the back of your monitor or TV. It also shows the retention mechanism on the left with the plastic wire which when pulled releases the lock.



Bag 1 contains four UX8 fisher plugs and four screws 5 x 60 (5 cent placed next to it to get an idea of the size of the screws).

Bag 2 contains 2 smaller bags. The first one contains the spacers and the second one the bolts of different length and some washers.


Contents of Bag I:                 Contents of Bag II:


4x M4 x 12 screw                  8x spacer 5mm

4x M4 x 30 screw                  4x spacer 10mm

4x M5 x 16 screw

4x M5 x 30 screw

4x M5 x 15 washer


The detailed installation instructions


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