Cooler Master Silencio 650 Mid Tower Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2013-01-11

Today we introduce to you the flagship of Cooler Master's Silencio range: The 650 model. We already saw the prototype at Cebit 2012 and the specification list was impressive. Cooler Master promised us an  integration of a fan controller, a hot swappable bay, a selection option of the boot drive. In a typical Cooler Master design and retailing at a moderate price tag. It's predecessor, the Silenco 550 was a decent silent case, but had a few shortcomings, especially the cable management was a rough ride due to the small clearance between the motherboard tray and the side panel and a bit too small cutouts in the motherboard panel. However for a 70 euro case it was a great addition to the silent Silencio enclosure range for Cooler Master. The new Silencio 650 model, due to the extra features retails at plus minus 110 euros, time to stop the chit chat and open the box.

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On paper this Silencio 650 has got a lot going for it. Features like the docking station, the triple fan configuration, including a fan speed controller, the let's refer to it unique feature of supporting a dual boot disk configuration, and the usage of noise dampening material seems like a complete bundle for a case in this price range.

But the 650 case still suffers from a few design flaws that should have been appropriately addressed. Especially since some were already spotted with the little brother, the Silencio 550 case. Some cutouts ( 24pin power, PSU hole and 8 pin power plug hole) must be repositioned to facilitate the routing of cables, especially being unable to rapidly route the 8 pin power plug through the top hole is a serious flaw. Secondly the clearance between the side panel and the motherboard tray is still mediocre.  Just barely enough room to tuck away all them power supply cables. The lack of being unable to house a 240mm rad is also another minus point for a case at this price point.



But it's not all bad. Cooling performance is more then adequate, especially for a silent case and even our overclocked INTEL i7-3960X CPU remained well within safe operating temperatures. This with the included case fans spinning at max rpm (1200). If we lower the speed, via the build in fan controller to 700rpm, the overall operating temperatures increase by 3-4°C. However the noise level was only slightly dropped. A similar outcome as with the Fractal R4 Define case, were we also advised to keep the fans running full blast for a better performance/noise ratio.

Overall Cooler Master has build a sleek looking case, with great sound absorption capacities. The price for the features list seems appropriate, but in cooling performance the Fractal R4 Define is just a tad better and most of all, cheaper than the CM Silencio 650. Cooler Master has got some stiff competition, with the aforementioned Fractal R4 Define and CORSAIR's 550D case. For the future, the design of the Silencio range really needs an overhaul, especially in terms of cable management, allowing more optional fans/rads and most of all ditching some of the gimmicks, to lower the price. That done, the Silencio 650 rev 2 will be a far easier case to recommend. To be honest we were surprised to spot them earlier listed flaws in this Cooler Master product, as their other cases were an absolute delight to work with.

If you are looking for a silent case with decent cooling capabilities and need some of the features mentioned here then the CM Silencio 650 might be just the case for you. However if some features/gimmicks are not a must, then better look for another and maybe cheaper alternative.



  • Sleek design
  • Good sound absorption
  • Decent cooling performance for a silent case
  • Fan controller and docking station
  • Weight
  • Price for the specifications



  • Cutouts either not large enough or badly positioned
  • Cable management still not adequately improved
  • No room for a 240mm AIO radiator




Thanks to Marco from Cooler Master for providing us with the review sample

Rogier from ASUS for the x79 Sabretooth Motherboard


Tones for supplying the i7-3960X CPU

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