Jesurun Dual-Core Bluetooth Android 4.1 Thumb PC Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2012-12-19

Brando Workshop has now available a dual-core Android mini-PC which connects directly to the HDMI port of our TV and offers decent performances in multimedia applications, but also in games. The product can be powered by the adapter that came with the device, but also from a spare USB port from the back of our TV.

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The Software Interface Part II

Here are the resolutions that we can set from the interface:



The Storage menu will inform us how many space we have left to install applications or store different other multimedia content. As we can see, we have quite a lot of NAND flash available for the apps:



The Apps tab will show the currently installed applications and how much storage they occupy:



The Location services options can be customized from the next tab:



The same thing goes for the Security tab and Language & Input tabs:



From the Backup & Reset menu, we'll be able to revert the device to the factory settings; however, we will not lose the apps that are built into the firmware itself:



Next, we have the self-explanatory Date & Time and Accessibility menus:




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