Jesurun Dual-Core Bluetooth Android 4.1 Thumb PC Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2012-12-19

Brando Workshop has now available a dual-core Android mini-PC which connects directly to the HDMI port of our TV and offers decent performances in multimedia applications, but also in games. The product can be powered by the adapter that came with the device, but also from a spare USB port from the back of our TV.

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The Software Interface Part I

The mini-PC comes with two launchers, one being the standard ICS and the other more centered to Media Center use; we will first cover the standard launcher and then go back to the other one. On the desktop we can spot the analog clock widget along with another one which allows us to turn on/off WiFi or Bluetooth functions. Through the regular Android 4.1 stock apps, we can also find eHomeMediaCenter and a proprietary Explorer application:




Besides them, we can also see Chrome preinstalled, Google Maps, Movie Studio and two Settings icons that are used by the other launcher:




Going to the Settings menu, we can spot the regular Wireless and Network section, through which we can configure the connectivity options. Ethernet is present, even if the interface is not available as hardware:





Some interface options remain available from the mobile phones and tablets:




The USB menu has only one option available and is named "Connect to PC":




Some options regarding sound can be customized in the next menu:





The Display Menu contains options regarding the wallpaper setting and font size:




Further, we can adjust the screen scale, set the output interface or the HDMI mode:




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