Jesurun Dual-Core Bluetooth Android 4.1 Thumb PC Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2012-12-19

Brando Workshop has now available a dual-core Android mini-PC which connects directly to the HDMI port of our TV and offers decent performances in multimedia applications, but also in games. The product can be powered by the adapter that came with the device, but also from a spare USB port from the back of our TV.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Android HDMI mini-PC we've got from Brando is shipped in a small cardboard enclosure, with the OS well known emblem, along with the product name placed on the top:




On the lateral we'll locate another pictogram, telling us that the product has a 2-core CPU and a 4-core GPU:




The box is not sealed and can be opened really easy; we will uncover the main product, which is also covered with a thin film for additional protection:




The mini-PC looks like a large USB flash drive, with a stylish aluminum chassis; on one of the sides we will find one Android TV logo, but also pictograms of the supported technologies:




On its buttom we'll get to see one microUSB port for power and a regular USB port for connecting peripherals and/or storage devices:




The left side comes with a secondary microUSB port for connecting the device to our computer (through it we can also supply power to the device, but it is not enough when plugging in storage devices), along with a microSD card slot:




The back side of the device is plain:




On the front we'll find the HDMI port, along with a small "Reset" button orifice:




The device also comes with accessories comprised of a power adapter, one HDMI extender cable, a microUSB to USB adapter cable, along with a regular USB cable:




The shipped power adapter is rated on the output 5V, 2000mA; it is not mandatory to use this adapter, but we can also use a spare USB port in the back of our LCD TV to power the product:




The mini-PC also ships with a guide with instructions:




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