Mionix Ensis 320 Aluminum Mouse Pad Review

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The Ensis 320 takes part from Mionix new series of aluminum mouse pads, comes in two color flavors and its contact surface has been treated with a low data loss treatment, which gives the product a matte glow. Its total width is 2mm, the first half being the machined aluminum surface and the second a non-slip grip natural rubber material.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

One of the latest products from Mionix is the Ensis 320 Mouse Pad, which comes in two color versions; the product is packed inside a cardboard envelope, which is sealed for additional security and on its back we can see more details regarding the technical specifications, in multiple languages:





The pad is fully covered with a transparent adhesive protective film against scratches:




The film can be easily removed, for uncovering the sleek aluminum alloy surface (colored in black). Mionix have fine-tuned the surface with the S.Q.A.T (Surface Quality Analyzer Tool) built into the NAOS 5000 gaming mouse; this technology measures the data loss between images of the surface taken by the mouse sensor:




On the bottom left side we will find the name of the product along with the company logo:




Here is a view on the side of the pad; the thickness of it is 2mm, 1mm being the top machined aluminum surface and the rest a non-slip rubber material:




The rubber will allow the pad to stay fixed on the surface we’ll put it on:




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