KingFast K Series K25 Ultra-Cache SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2012-12-16

The KingFast Ultra-Cache solution is composed from a SATA2 SSD and special software which will boost our storage system performances after the caching procedure has been completed. What is nice about this solution is that we do not have to perform a Windows system reinstallation to make it work.

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A Closer Look Part II

It is held in three small black screws and on one side we will see two NAND Flash memory chips:




The memory chips are not branded and are marked only as “SSD Flash”:




On the opposite side we’ll find the SSD controller, one RAM cache chip and the remaining two NAND Flash chips, for a total of four:




The 128MB DDR2 RAM cache is from Nanya, code name NT5TU64M16GG and is capable of running up to 400MHz:




The SSD controller is manufactured by SiliconMotion, model SM2244, which works on SATAII, supporting high-speed synchronous mode NAND and delivering high transfer rates among 4-channel SATA SSDs. The controller also offers longer SSD lifetime with lower write amplification and wear leveling factor:





The product also ships with a small leaflet, containing the installation instructions (in Chinese) and the serial number for the caching software:




If we decide to install the caching SSD in a laptop with only one HDD bay, we will need to remove and replace the optical drive with an adapter, which looks very similar to the MCE Optibay and the unused optical drive can be put to work again by inserting it into an USB enclosure.




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